PI/CPC Committee

Public Information (PI) and Cooperation with the Professionals Community (C.P.C.)

Members of Public Information Committees convey A.A. information to the general public.

  • Giving presentations about A.A to schools and organizations.
  • Providing information about A.A. through digital and print materials.
  • Insuring local media have accurate information about A.A. through PSAs, anonymity-protected interviews and press kits.

Members of C.P.C. committees inform professionals and future professionals about A.A.

  • Establishing better communication with professionals working with alcoholics
  • Finding simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating
  • Explaining clearly what A.A. does and doesn’t do

Service Opportunities Available

Join the PI/C.P.C Committee Meeting on the 4th Sunday of the Month at 6:00pm

Located at the SDSOS Clubhouse 1112 3rd Ave. S., Fargo, ND 58103

    If you would like to contact the FM Intergroup PI/CPC Committee for general information, please use the form below.